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Bordeaux Wine Tour

Bordeaux Wine Tour

Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world, lies in the South West of France, in the “Départment” Gironde, at the estuary of the rivers Garonne and Dordogne.


The region is often described as a small paradise with its fertile soils, mild climate and beautiful Atlantic coast, which boasts Europe’s highest sand dune as well as the most important centre for oyster breeding. Last but not least, the city of Bordeaux has been named a World Heritage site and is proud to be the largest city to be awarded this honour.


With the world’s largest wine producing area and an exquisite cuisine full of finesse, the Bordeaux region is a magnificent gastronomic centre, with the city of Bordeaux itself the capital of gourmet pleasures.


Delikatours welcomes you to this extraordinary place and invites you to:

•Explore the « Route des Grands Crus » and sample some exquisite wines in Margaux, Pauillac and St. Estèphe

•Spend a day in the UNESCO World Heritage village of Saint-Emilion, including a visit and a tasting at one of its Grands Crus

•Take your enjoyment of wine to a new level and learn from the best at a wine seminar

•Indulge with a day break to the exclusive sea resort of Arcachon and enjoy fresh oysters straight from the local fishermen

•Try your hand at French cuisine on a cooking course with a Michelin Star Chef

•Unwind in your idyllic accommodation, either in a golf hotel, 18th century Chateau or boutique vineyard hotel

•Discover the unique virtues of vinotherapy spa

• Experience the magic of the local cuisine at Michelin star-rated restaurants


And much more...

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