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Burgundy Wine Tour

Burgundy Wine Tour

The Burgundy region is located approximately 2 hours south-east of Paris. Gevrey Chambertin, Nuit St Georges, Puligny-Montrachet, Meursault, Vosne-Romanée  are all familiar names in a winelover’s cellar.


Burgundy might be the most famous for its wine but the region also boasts many other culinary treasures including mustard, cassis, snails, cheese and truffles.


Extraordinary wines, exquisite gastronomy, sunny wine landscapes, picturesque villages and many historical and cultural sites make it a must-see destination for any gourmet person.


Delikatours welcomes you to this remarkable region; with amazing opportunities such as:

•Sample the unforgettable red and white wines of the established chateaux as well as some of the smaller independent producers in the Beaune region

•Participate in a full day's wine experience in the prestigious village of Puligny-Montrachet (including a tasting seminar, visit of the vineyard and lunch with its famous owner)

•Dine at the world famous Michelin 3-star restaurant “Lameloise”

•Become an expert on the « Crème de cassis » with a local producer

•Discover the secret to a good mustard with a guided tour at one of the most renowned mustard producers in France

•Soak up the atmosphere with a stroll through the animated local markets


And much more...

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