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Champagne Tour

Champagne Tour

The Champagne region is situated approximately 1.5 hours north east of Paris. Its vineyards, incredible cellars and cultural treasures are a spectacular sight all year round. But the region will also surprise any Epicurean visitor with refined cuisine and local culinary produce.


Delikatours welcomes you to this rich cultural region; and you will discover all the secrets behind the king of wines when you...

•Visit some of the world's finest Champagne Houses (Taittinger, Moët & Chandon…)

•Meet and have an informative lunch with independent Champagne producers

•Spend an unforgettable evening dining in a private salon or in the cellar of a prestigious Champagne House

•Take part in an exclusive Champagne tasting Seminar and learn to appreciate the different characters of Champagnes

•Dine at Michelin star-rated restaurants

•Try your hand at French cuisine on a Cooking course with a Michelin star chef

•Observe the art behind chocolate in the hands of a « Maître chocolatier » in Reims

•Investigate the famous escargots at a Snail Farm

•Visit an interesting whisky distillery

•Stroll through the picturesque village of Hautvillers, home of the famous monk „Dom Pérignon“

•Visit Reims, the city of royal coronations and its impressive cathedral


And much more...

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